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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ashwamedh Foundation's In house Library

Ashwamedh Foundation Training Session 1: Lecture no. 4

Ashwamedh Foundation: Vision,Mission, Philosophy & Work Statements


                     Ashwamedh Foundation

     Tagline: Conquering our world through ‘LOVE’

About us (Ashwamedh Foundation):

Ashwamedh Foundation is an NGO registered as Society and Trust established in Virar, Maharashtra. Being associated with Education field from the year 2003 our Founder Mr. Deepak Doddamani has closely witnessed the difficulties through which a student from economically backward conditions passes through. So in the year 2013 he founded Ashwamedh Foundation with some of his like-minded friends.


To empower the underprivileged children & youth through quality education, healthcare, and livelihood programs.


1)  To ensure that children from underprivileged background receive good quality education

2)  To impart knowledge and values through well-designed curriculum & programs for children.

3)  To bridge the gap between children from different backgrounds through art & cultural activities.

4)  To create awareness in Society about the problems of slum & street children & motivate them to take actions as an individual or in group.

5)  To ensure every individual irrespective of social status have access to quality healthcare.

Work Statements:

1. To run, conduct, maintain and manage knowledge centres.

2. To give Educational help to the poor & deserving students.

3. To give Medical help to the poor and deserving people.

4. To arrange and organize cultural programs, sports competitions.

5. To run, conduct, maintain and manage Gymnasium, Sports Club, Library, and Reading Room etc.

6. To organize social activities and programs for the benefit of General Public.

7. To create Social, Cultural, Educational awakening amongst the General Public.

8. To work for the welfare and development of General Public through various programs, lectures, demonstration and other activities.

9. To implement the Scheme of Government, Semi Government and Municipal Corporation subject to their conditions.

10. To arrange seminar, workshops, events for overall personality development of children

Our Philosophy:

Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment can be achieved through educating, agitating & organizing the Underprivileged. 

Team Ashwamedh Foundation

        ASHWAMEDH FOUNDATION                       Conquering our world through love 

Our Team:

President & Managing Trustee: Shri. Deepak Doddamani 
Secretary: Shri. Sumit Mane 
Treasurer: Shri. Shailesh Humbre
Other Trustees:
Govind Dodamani
Praful Rane
Rajendra Balsara
Jitendra Patel
Abdul Hakim Ansari
Rakesh Dudwadkar 

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