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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Plantation activity by Ashwamedh foundation.

Ashwamedh Foundation carried out Plantation activity in Santacruz (E). Here are some of the pics of the same.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

68th Independence Day of India celebration by Ashwamedh foundation.

Ashwamedh Foundation celebrated 68th Independence Day of India today with Children of Dwari nagar area of Santacruz (E). Flag hoisting, national anthem singing and speech was followed by sweet distribution from Ashwamedh foundation. 
Happy independence day to all. Vande. mataram. jai hind

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ronia Thomas speaks about Ashwamedh Foundation

RONIA THOMAS: Volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundation 

                              VOLUNTEERS SPEAKS

I would like to thank Ashwamedh Foundation for making me a part of the beautiful effort that is taken by this Organization. Speaking about my experience, it was always my desire to be a part of an NGO or a social Organization so that I could be of use to others. And YES Ashwamedh gave me this opportunity. Believe me it was truly worth everything.

Sharing your knowledge with people who need to know it....helping the society by creating awareness...helping the needy however small way one can...bringing a smile on people's face; especially kids, is worth it. 

Ashwamedh Foundation works in truly different way. Looking forward to be a part of this organization more and more. May the Organization flourish by doing lots of good deeds. 

- Ronia Thomas
MSc (Clinical Research) 

Birthday Celebration of Neel Pandurangi at Vakola based orphanage organized by Ashwamedh Foundation

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEEL (23/10/2017)   On 23rd Oct 2017, Abhishek Pandurangi, a professional lawyer and a volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundat...