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Monday, October 27, 2014

Decorative Lamps making workshop of Ashwamedh Foundation

                                   DECORATIVE LAMP MAKING WORKSHOP

Ashwamedh Foundation carried out Decorative lamp making workshop for children of SKP centre on Sunday 19th Oct 2014. Here are some pics of the activity

Friday, October 24, 2014

Daan Utsav 2014: Donors who donated to the Joy of Giving Festival

  Daan Utsav 2014: Donors who donated to the Joy of giving week festival 

Many people donated to 'Daan Utsav 2014' of Ashwamedh Foundation. Most of them donated used clothes but few of them also donated money for supporting the social causes of Ashwamedh Foundation. Below are the pictures of donors and few lines of description about each of them 

Abdul Hakim Ansari collecting clothes bag from
Mother of our volunteer Kritika Satya
who donated 8 bagfuls of clothes for Daan Utsav 2014
We collected clothes from their doorstep at Powai

Abdul Hakim Ansari collecting clothes from Prajakta Sawant in Santacruz.
 Prajakta and her Brother Shripad both donated clothes to
 Daan Utsav 2014 of Ashwamedh Foundation

Aditya Gaikwad aka Jack a well known drummer of Mumbai
and a key founder member of the only Punk Band in India Tripwire
supported cause of Ashwamedh Foundation by donating clothes,
 Jitendra Patel collected clothes from him 

Monika Singh donated clothes to Ashwamedh Foundation during Daan Utsav 2014
Read more in Donors Speak: Monika Singh speaks about Daan Utsav 2014 post

Deepali Lavangare donated clothes to Ashwamedh Foundation's
Joy of giving week festival 2014

Apart from these Supriyo Rana, Mangesh Bhalerao donated clothes. 
Suhas Gawas, Ronia Thomas, Tanvi Ghadavale, Pooja Verma etc. donated in monetary terms. 


visit : www.ashwamedhfoundation.0rg
and Like our Facebook Page: Ashwamedh Foundation

Donors Speaks: Deepali Lavangare about Daan Utsav 2014

Donors speak: Deepali Lavangare about Daan Utsav and Ashwamedh Foundation

     Deepali Lavangare, Manager (IT) lives in Kandivali. She came all the way to Santacruz to donate clothes to needy people through Ashwamedh Foundation, Hats off to her generosity and philanthropic nature, Let's read what she wants to say about Daan Utsav 2014 and Ashwamedh Foundation (below these pictures) 

Deepali Lavangare with the stuffs to be donated

Deepali Lavangare handing over donation stuffs to Jitendra Patel 

                                          DONORS SPEAK: DAAN UTSAV 2014

       Hey all ! I wish to congratulate Ashwamedh Foundation for their campaign of 'Joy of giving week' and all the other endeavors of social work. Did I feel the joy? ...Yes Of Course. 

Along with it a sense of satisfaction too for contributing to the society even by small means. I encourage you all to contribute to this initiative or undertake small philanthropic activities and be a part of positive change

- Deepali Lavangare

Donors Speaks : Monika Singh about DAAN UTSAV 2014

              Donors Speaks: Monika Singh about Daan Utsav

            Monika Singh, HR Manager in healthcare industry donated clothes to Ashwamedh Foundation during Daan Utsav 2014. She is a well wisher of Ashwamedh Foundation since its inception. You can read her view about Daan Utsav and Ashwamedh Foundation below the pictures 

Rajendra Balsara and Monika Singh

Founder of Ashwamedh Foundation Mr, Deepak Doddamani with Monika Singh

                                             DONORS SPEAKS: DAAN UTSAV 2014 

There are rich among the poor and poor among the rich,..All that matters is a 'big heart' and generous nature....if you don't know how to give and share, your life is meaningless, You aren't living; you are just surviving . 

You guys (team Ashwamedh Foundation) are really doing fantabulous job. It feels great to do something for the underprivileged people. If we can bring even a little difference in the lives of underprivileged people by our thoughts or actions, it feels great. Half of our life will be accomplished. 

- Monika Singh, HR Manager

Daan Utsav 2014 : JOY OF GIVING WEEK FESTIVAL 2014

                           DAAN UTSAV : JOY OF GIVING WEEK 2014

       Ashwamedh Foundation has made Joy of Giving Week Festival part of it's culture since 2013. This year Joy of Giving Week Festival was known by alternate name 'Daan Utsav' also. In Indian culture 'Daan' has great significance. Daan literally means 'giving something without expecting anything in return'. Daan increases compassion and brotherhood between donor and receiver; it brings smiles on faces of both. Donor gets satisfaction from giving and receiver feels grateful and faithful about humanity in people around him.So it's more of a win-win situation. When a 'sansari' person earns livelihood by doing some job or business; it gives birth to 'ego'; so daan also serves as a powerful tool to diminish ego and make donor humble and polite about his achievements. 

          Ashwamedh Foundation collected Clothes, Stationery Items, Notebooks, and many other important things for needy people from donors who genuinely donated last year. We distributed it to children of street school of Umang Foundation, Destitutes of Airoli, Nashik and Byculla through Missionary of Mother Teresa in Byculla named 'Asha Daan' Ngo, Fatima ashram of Malvan, Sindhu-Durg etc. 

     This year too we collected donations in kinds and money during the Daan Utsav 2014. Many friends came forward to support our cause by contributing to it. We will be posting about them in upcoming posts. Sharing the images of the Campaign this year below: 

Team Ashwamedh observed World Cancer Day at Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay

Team Ashwamedh joined Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Alcohol drive by Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay, Santacruz on 3rd January 2018. Sharing some pictur...