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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation: Lecture no. 8



    Ashwamedh Foundation is an NGO working for Child Education & Development sector since 1st August 2012. Project Ankur is the flagship Program of Ashwamedh Foundation. 
In Project Ankur we focus on creating solid academic foundation of Students from 5th to 7th Std. Currently, we are carrying out this Project in Mulanche aani Mulinche Samarth Vidyalay, Vidyanagari Santacruz. 

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation 

Lecture No. 8 - Maths 
Date: 13/11/2017
Place: Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400098 
Project Coorinator: - Ms. Blessy Verghese 
Operations head: - Ms.Sneha Sharma
Monitoring & Evaluation: - Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari 
Details: On 13th Nov. 2017 Ashwamedh foundation took 8th lecture of Project Ankur in Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay. Abdul and Sneha conducted this lecture. They taught basic Mathematics to students and also solved their queries. 

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