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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture No.17

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 17 :

Project Coordinator: Blessy Verghese 

Operations head: Sneha Sharma 
Monitoring & Evaluation: Abdul Hakim Ansari 
Place : Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay , Vidyanagari; Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400098 
Date: 21st January 2018 
Time: 10:00 to 12:00 noon 
Details : Today's lecture was taken by Abdul and Blessy. They took revision of the 'How to Introduce yourself in English ?' activity group wise. Some of the students are fluently introducing themselves in English now. Vernacular medium students tend to stay behind in College due to their bad Foundation of English language. We are trying our best to change the situation at least for these students. We are really proud the way they are learning the International Official language with keen interest thanks to fun-learning and interactive teaching by Team Ashwamedh members and Volunteers.

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 16

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 16:

Beneficiary: STD. 5th & 6th students Place : Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay, Vidyanagari, Santacruz Date: 10/01/2018 Time : 10:00 a.m to 12:00 p.mProject Coordinator: Blessy VargheseOperations head: Sneha Sharma Monitoring & Evaluation: Abdul Hakim AnsariDetails : In 16th Lecture of Project Ankurv Blessy and Hakim took Groupwise 'Group Discussion' of Students. They were taught the basics of GDs and then actual GDs were carried out in their Mother tongue Marathi. The whole idea of this activity was to improve their inter-personal communication skills and confidence level of Public Speaking. After the lecture Students played Antakshari.

Team Ashwamedh observed World Cancer Day at Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay

Team Ashwamedh joined Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Alcohol drive by Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay, Santacruz on 3rd January 2018. Sharing some pictur...